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Colour palette &
Typography family



Duration: 1 week

Colors are a very important part of your corporate identity. They contribute to the recognisability and image of your company. Each color evokes a certain emotion. The color(s) in your corporate identity should support your message. In addition, a well-chosen font contributes to the identity of your brand and to distinguish yourself from your competitors. The font should reflect your business’ image and philosophy. Furthermore, it is very important that all communicative expressions must match each other and your brand identity.


As soon as we have a good idea of ​​what your target group is and what your message is, we will draw up a mood board together. This way we can see which colors and typography will work well within your business. You will receive a 'sheet' with the color palette (consisting of 3-5 colors). The correct color coding for each color (RGB, CMYK, PANTONE or RAL). In addition, the sheet also contains the different fonts for the typography. Think of titles, subtitles, text and quotes. 


*Font licenses are not included in the price.

€95,- Ex. btw


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